Shaping Up!

One of the New Years resolutions I made this year was to keep myself in better physical shape. I would not say that I am out of shape, but I know I could do better if I really tried. As always, I looked to the internet to find ways to achieve this goal. During my search for the program that would fit me best, I ran across something interesting. It was called the Power 90 and I thought it might be what I was looking for. It’s a program that allows you to build up your body in 90 days and you can do it in your home.

Another program I found was called the Insanity Workout. This one was very extreme and would require that I be in fairly good shape to start with. I’m not sure if I would be ready for that just yet, but it sounded like something I would keep in mind for the future. I kept on looking for the program that fit me best.

After all the research I had done, I think I have found the best solution. There was another program called the 10 Minute Trainer. After some initial time investment, I would be able to spend about ten minutes a day on my body. This sounded good to me as I always seem to be pressed for time. I’ll let you all know how my workouts are coming and maybe one day I’ll post a few pictures of my awesome muscles.

Age Groups

There Should Be No Limits

Every House

Every house that I know of has one room that is always used. That room would be the kitchen. It always seems to be one of the most central locations for people to cluster. That’s why I think it’s important to ensure that it is decorated nicely in order to make the house a home. Recently, we decided to install wine glass racks in our kitchen in order to make it look nicer.

One problem that we had in our kitchen was a lack of space. We found that we could squeeze out a little more room by taking advantage of a hanging wine glass rack. We got all the glasses off the shelf and out of the way. That gave us other opportunities to use the space we made available. Not only that, it has enhanced the look of our kitchen.

We were very happy with the results we had in the kitchen and so we thought we would try it in the basement. We have a den in the basement that has a small bar. We thought that adding bar glass racks would help our décor there as well.

I am glad to say that it did and now our bar looks great. We also ordered some pretty cool custom beer glasses by Glass with a Twist because a nice cold glass of beer tastes so much better in a decent glass that is designed for beer. We had a small party recently and everyone liked the way it looked. I guess we will be able to throw a few more parties now, knowing that we have what it takes!

Old Band Aids

Looking around the house for a band aid is so annoying. I almost never need a band aid, but when I do need one it seems there are never any in the house. I have looked in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, in the hall closet and in the kitchen.

Finally I found a first aid kit in the trunk of my car and it had some really old band aids in it. So the interesting thing about an old band aid is that adhesive must get stronger as it ages, because this band aid is stuck on there and its not letting go without a fight.

Bizarre Divorce Celebration

It took a while to find the right cd player recorder that we all thought would do the trick for my brother-in-laws big day! His divorce papers have been finalized and a huge blast has been in the works for a couple of months now so that they can go out with a bang. I know it sounds a bit bizarre that we are celebrating with him rather than my sister, but if you knew anything about my sister (a subject I don’t discuss much here on my blog) you would understand.

The fact that they never had kids together is a blessing. The relationship was doomed from the start but there wasn’t anything that anybody could so or say, she is a stubborn one this gal is. Always has been, I reckon she will always be so. I’m just glad that they have finally put an end to it all and are able to walk away and move on.

cd player and recorder

Teac CD-RW890 Consumer CD Recorder/Player

Man and Heights

Man has always been inspired to build. Whether it was a simple hut back in the stone ages or a modern office building, we want to make things newer and better. The latest addition to man’s ability to build will blow your mind.

Formerly, the tallest building in the world was 2,717 feet tall. The good thing is that plans are underway to build a skyscraper that reaches the astounding height of 3,281 feet. The building will be built in Saudi Arabia and be called the Kingdom Tower.