Choose Your Instrument

Never really understood why so many people think that music lessons begin with the piano. Most modern homes do not have a piano in them, although I believe everyone in my family does have a piano or electronic keyboard in their homes. Even if we do not play, having a piano was expected by my family – we are a musical family and the piano is our heritage.

Of course, all the cool kids play guitar or one of the best ukulele instruments. So I wanted to take guitar lessons. My parents said that the only way I could take guitar lessons was if I took 3 years of piano lessons first. Gaaaa!

Turns out that  did not want to play the guitar THAT badly. But I do wonder why they insisted on piano lessons – I never really wanted to play the piano – I just wanted to play the guitar.

Eminent domain

One thing that nearly every homeowner fears is the ability of the government to declare the right of eminent domain. This is when the law allows land to be forcibly taken for use by the government or others to help the public at large. What it usually means is that homeowners are forced to sell their property even if they don’t want to.

While I believe that in a true emergency the government should have the right to use your land, I feel this law has been abused. There are many cases where the courts are granting large companies the right to others property for little reason else than profit. I think everyone should check into this situation and voice their opinion.

Musicians Friend

A great website to use is the Musicians Friends when you looking for information and products all centering around the world of music. I have so many members in my family that have tremendous musical talents so I try to purchase gifts that they will use and/or enjoy with their God given talents.

Throughout the years I have always turned to Musicians Friend and have walked away happy with what I came there for. Good information, good service, good products and great prices. Check out this great looking 5 piece drum set that I would love to get my hands on. Maybe I can put this on top of this year’s Christmas wish list. Something to seriously consider. Isn’t she a true beauty all in her unique emerald color?

5 pieces for a great price

PDP Z5 5-Piece Drum Set Emerald

Dead Money

I was shocked to read today that the U.S. government has been sending out checks to those who are deceased. It was found out that over the last three or four years; more than 20,000 checks were sent to dead people. This is the kind of waste that makes Americans angry. That’s not all of the news. Some checks were sent to convicted felons as well as deadbeat contractors.

The Obama administration has vowing to rectify the situation by creating a database that list the dead as well as felons and contractors that owe the government money. I hope this important system will save the poor taxpayers some of their hard earned money!

Money Sent To The Deceased

Obama Vows to Fix The Dead Money Issue


Another Easter Sunday!

Every year we like to go to church on Easter Sunday. It’s always fun to see all the people dressed up and looking good. The pastor of our church is always in fine form and delivers a great sermon. I think it’s a good thing to expose the kids to a religious experience and I hope that the good lessons will positively affect their lives.

One of my favorite things to do is to watch the young kids search for their Easter eggs. I think they are so cute as they run around looking for their prizes. I know that some of the kids are so happy to find an egg. After the long day is always nice to return home and relax. I like to reflect on all the great things that god has done for us and am thankful for his wisdom and patience!

Open Your Eyes and Your Heart

Seek and Ye Shall Find