Keeping Dad safe

Every year, I go down to Florida to visit my dad. It’s one of the highlights of the year for me. He retired about five years ago and has a nice little condo where he stays. He enjoys the weather there and loves to go fishing when he can. The bad part is that he lives all alone and there is no one there to help if he gets in trouble. Dad has a few medical issues and has been known to fall out from time to time.

He has a condition that causes him to pass out occasionally. For the most part he is ok, but you never know what could happen. The last time I was there, I decided to get him set up with a system called Life Alert. It’s a system that makes sure he can receive help when he needs it. It has a feature called the inactivity detector that notices when he hasn’t moved and alerts the authorities.

Life Alert has other great features as well. There is a smoke detector and a pushbutton system that he can use if he feels that he needs too. I feel a lot better knowing that he is not alone even when he is. This is a great use of technology and I have no problem taking advantage Life Alert to ensure my dad is safe. Now we can go fishing and really enjoy it!


I work for a very large company. We have branch offices all over the world. One item that recently came up that was unusual was the discovery that one of our offices in the U.K. had asbestos. Asbestos is a material that is known to cause health problems and the matter needed to be addressed quickly. Our company puts the health of our workers first and we wanted the matter to be resolved. Unfortunately, we knew little about what asbestos was and why it was dangerous.

It turns out that asbestos used to be a very useful product. It had properties that made it easy to use in many different ways. It was used in the manufacturing of many products such as insulation, fireproofing, and water proofing. The problem was that no one realized that airborne fibers that were inhaled into the lungs could cause lung cancer. Once we learned more about asbestos, we knew that asbestos removal was the only option to protect our employees.

One thing we did to improve our knowledge of the subject was to inform ourselves about it. We found a website called asbestosregisters dot The site provided us with an explanation of the subject and the many options there were to deal with it. They had information on inspection, identification, and asbestos removal practices. It felt good to know that the situation could be dealt with successfully and our workers would have a safe place to do their business.

What we liked most about the site was their reliance on professionals to deal with the problem. They connected us with people who are licensed and reputable in the field of asbestos removal. We were able to get quotes from these companies and find the ones that best suited our needs. Thanks to the wisdom we found on this website, we are now well on our way toward getting the problem resolved. I recommend this site to anyone with a similar problem and anyone who may be interested in the subject.

Is Our Earth Starving?

Scientists believe that the future of people on earth will be more difficult than ever. Since population growth is expected to rise tremendously over the next 40 years, the pressure on our planet to produce the food we need will rise. This will certainly cause global competition for resources.

Many believe that keeping the population down will help in this effort. Family planning programs must be funded especially in poor nation such as Africa. Food prices will continue to rise and efforts to produce the food we need will be harder. It’s a sad fact, but true.

a crying shame

A Disturbing Fact

Keeping Things Nice

The weather is always an important factor in our lives. We get used to it and usually don’t pay it a whole lot of attention. There are times though when it is important that we do. Since the hurricane season is in full swing, I thought I would check out the old homestead and make sure everything was alright. After a brief search, I thought I had a few problems that needed addressing.

One thing I saw was that my woodpile was out in the open. I thought that getting a canvas tarp would be a good way to cover it and keep the wood dry. That would come in handy during the winter as I wouldn’t have ice all over the logs. I was also reminded of the old shed out back. The roof is leaking and I have never gotten around to fixing it. I believe that purchasing a strong silver tarp would be a good way to keep the weather out.

As I was passing the driveway, I saw that my old truck was getting a bit weathered. I figured that getting a truck tarp would be just the thing to keep it in good condition. After I was done with my inspection, I felt a lot better about being prepared for whatever weather was coming. That’s a good feeling to have!

Printing for Less

Right before Christmas my multi-function printer quit working. It just locked up and quit on me. So at the worst time of year for my wallet, I had to go buy a new printer for my home computer. It did not make sense to pay over $100 for a printer repair when you can buy new printers for about the same money. So I looked at what was on sale and bought a cheap printer that also scans and copies.

I don’t think I print very much stuff, mostly maps and letters, so I was surprised that my ink has run out already. It’s only been four months and now I’m looking for cheap ink cartridges so I can print again.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I can’t believe how hard it is to find cheap printer ink locally. In fact, I have given up looking locally and I’ll just buy it online. Every local store s at least 10 miles from my house, so think of the tie and gas wasted on going from store to store. I can do it online, from my comfortable chair, in the middle the night if I want to.

The web site that I found, Inkgrabber dot com, has cheap ink for printers and with a coupon for free shipping I figured it out and it is by far the cheapest way to go.I don’t have to pay the local prices, I don’t have to spend my time and gas money driving across town to the office supply store, and the ink I need will be at my doorstep in a couple o days. That’s the way to go from now on.