Happy 4th of July!!

Well, another year has rolled around and in a few days it will be time again to celebrate the 4th of July. This has always been one of my favorite holidays as I love to see the fireworks go off and explode in the sky! It’s also a great day to cookout and spend time with the family.

This year we plan to go watch the big fireworks display given at a local park. My only worry is that traffic will be bad and parking is always a problem. I hope we can find a good spot not to far away from the park. Anyway, I am sure we will have a good time as usual. I hope everyone else has a great time as well and remember to be safe!

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July

Dead Money

I was shocked to read today that the U.S. government has been sending out checks to those who are deceased. It was found out that over the last three or four years; more than 20,000 checks were sent to dead people. This is the kind of waste that makes Americans angry. That’s not all of the news. Some checks were sent to convicted felons as well as deadbeat contractors.

The Obama administration is vowing to rectify the situation by creating a database that list the dead as well as felons and contractors that owe the government money. I hope this new system will save the poor taxpayers some of their hard earned money!

Money Sent To The Deceased

Obama Vows to Fix The Dead Money Issue


Every House

Every house that I know of has one room that is always used. That room would be the kitchen. It always seems to be one of the most central locations for people to cluster. That’s why I think it’s important to ensure that it is decorated nicely in order to make the house a home. Recently, we decided to install wine glass racks in our kitchen in order to make it look nicer.

One problem that we had in our kitchen was a lack of space. We found that we could squeeze out a little more room by taking advantage of a hanging wine glass rack. We got all the glasses off the shelf and out of the way. That gave us other opportunities to use the space we made available. Not only that, it has enhanced the look of our kitchen.

We were very happy with the results we had in the kitchen and so we thought we would try it in the basement. We have a den in the basement that has a small bar. We thought that adding bar glass racks would help our décor there as well. I am glad to say that it did and now our bar looks great. We had a small party recently and everyone liked the way it looked. I guess we will be able to throw a few more parties now, knowing that we have what it takes!

Indian Elephants

The land of India is home to many endangered species. While the tiger is probably the most famous, the elephant is high on the list. Male Indian elephants have valuable ivory tusks. This has caused poachers to target them instead of females that don’t have them. The ratio of male elephants to female is in some cases as much as 100-1.

Another problem the elephants are facing is the growing loss of habitat. Development has interfered with their traditional traveling corridors. Efforts are under way to help the elephants through a variety of methods by the Indian government. I hope these efforts will work and these wonderful animals can be saved.

elephant from india

The Indian Elephant

Girly Things

Sometimes it is nice to step back and appreciate the girls for being girls. When you grow up with sisters, you probably take a lot of things for ranted. Then when you  just around a lot of guys, like in a college dorm, you start to understand that girls do a lot of nice things and you start to miss them.

I like the way girls fuss with their hair and makeup. I especially like nail polish on their fingers and toes. And they smell nice. I would much rather breathe deep and take in a nice floral fragrance from a girl than the smell of a dorm room with a bunch of guys dirty clothes, leftover food and stale smoke.