Hands Free Carrying

Forgot to say that my buddy, John, was asking me if I would be interested in going to work for him. While he was here in school last year he got a decent job riding a bike and being a courier/messenger in the mornings and afternoons, in between classes. He made some good money from that and all he needed was a bike and a messenger bag

The cool thing about messenger bags is that you can ride the bike with both hands on the handlebars so you can shift and use the hand brakes without any hesitation or chance of slipping. His bike cost a little over $300 but he made that back the first week he worked for those guys.

So after he got out of school and needed to start making serious money, he decided to start up his own courier service. He uses a fleet of guys to ride bikes around downtown, but he also got a contract with a chain of auto repair stores to deliver tires from the distribution center to their stores all over town. All you need is a small pickup truck or a van to drive for him and there is steady work – as much as you want to do.

So, I’m thinking about that – I’ll be out of here next week and need to make some cash over the summer. So maybe driving a truck and delivering tires is the way to go.


I was talking with my cousin the other day and we talked for quite awhile since it had been some time since we had a chance to catch up. He was telling me about one of his favorite hobbies that we happen to share. Golfing. We both like to golf when we can and are always looking for new courses to challenge us. When he told me about Golf Myrtle Beach, I was impressed by what I had heard.

One thing that he had done recently was go on one of his Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. He loves the courses they have to offer and spends quite a lot of time playing. Since there are so many courses to play in that area, it is easy to find a good deal by taking advantage of one of the many Myrtle Beach Golf Packages that are available. Any true golfer would jump at the chance to play the courses he wanted and my cousin did just that.

The best part about the thing was that he invited me to join him when I could. I was happy join him for a few rounds of Myrtle Beach Golf and we had a ball. We enjoyed the sunshine and good weather while we played our way through to the 18th hole. I am glad I was invited as it will always be a special memory for me!

Eggs are good?

One thing I really like in the morning is a good breakfast. My personal favorite is bacon and egg sandwiches. That’s why I was so concerned when I heard about the recent recall of millions of eggs. The shells carry bacteria called salmonella that can make you very sick. I can’t afford to get sick in this economy.

So far, over 380 million eggs have been recalled. I hope that investigators will be able to pinpoint the source and wipe these bacteria out. For now, I have avoided buying eggs from this dealer until they can prove the eggs are safe.

one egg out of the bunch could be bad

Eggs Are Being Recalled

The Boob Tube

When I was a kid, I remember my folks calling our TV set, “The Boob Tube.” And I didn’t really know why. I thought the word boob meant a woman’s breasts, and I don’t remember seeing much of that on TV. So I finally spoke up and asked my dad why did they do that?

He said that the word boob also means someone who is dumb, and that they meant that people who watch TV are boobs for wasting their brain cells and time on stupid shows. I know there were several years when my mom did not watch TV at all. She said there was nothing interesting on the TV and that she would rather spend her little bit of free time doing something she enjoyed.

I don’t know – maybe it is a generational thing. I seem to always be able to find some kind of show that is interesting. I like a lot of the programs on the History Channel and the Biography channel. And sometimes there is a pretty good series running on HBO. Maybe as I get older I will lose interest in what I’m watching now, but maybe the variety of shows and quality of the the programming has improved a lot since when my mom would have watched.

Online Buying Guide

a great tool

                   Clarinet Online Buying Guide

The buying guide on how to choose a clarinet was totally worth finding, reading and sharing. I mean really I had not a clue on how much is a clarinet going for these days. And of course there are so many variables these days when making a purchase that it can boggle the mind if you aren’t careful. I tend to get nervous if given too many options. When I go to the store to buy a product I much prefer having a few options rather than a whole aisle filled with all the varieties that are on today’s market.

not a simple task

                         Way Too Many Choices!