The Super Rich

I was surprised to find that the richest man in the world according to Forbes World’s Billionaires had so much money. Carlos Slim Helu is worth an estimated $53.5 billion dollars. He is now the richest man in the world. Bill Gates of Microsoft fame is worth $53 billion and Warren Buffett comes in third with $47 billion dollars.

There is also good news for a number of billionaires this year. It seems that many of them had a pretty good year and the average wealth of billionaires is up. Asia’s made a big jump in the number of billionaires they had over last year and are coming on strong. Russia has 62 billionaires. It must sure be nice!

Custom Swing and Playsets

It turned out to be a pretty great day considering how stressful it can be when traveling with the wife and kids anywhere outside of town. But we were on a mission to check out, first hand, the custom swing sets in richmond that we had found online. We do a lot of shopping online but playsets seem to something best seeing, touching, feeling and really appreciate all that they have to offer our kids along with all the neighborhood kids and relatives that find their way in our backyard.

I think we have all decided on the playset that we are anticipating purchasing here real soon. It isn’t easy getting five people to all decide on something so now that that is all said and done we really have to buckle down at place the order and move on to other projects.

The Best Brands

One thing everybody knows about our family is that we love to travel. We go many places and have taken advantage of many forms of transportation. Sometimes we go by boat, sometimes we drive or fly. However we go, we rely on having the proper luggage to ease our time away from home.

Last year at Christmas, I decided that since the kids needed new luggage I would get them some. On Christmas morning they were delighted to find some Hartmann luggage under the tree. I had found a pretty sweet deal on it and so I was glad of that. They really looked forward to trying it out and knew it wouldn’t be long before we did.

This year, I am thinking of getting my wife some new luggage. Hers is getting old and is a little worn around the edges. The handle is broken on one piece and a wheel is broken on another. I haven’t decided whether to get her the tumi luggage or the briggs and riley luggage. I know that I can’t go wrong either way. I am sure she will like the new items and will also be looking forward to our next trip!

Stop that check!!

I found it very interesting to read about how the country of Great Britain is considering stopping the use of checks. It seems that boards of bankers think they are too expensive to clear and they favor cheaper ways of paying bills. They have set a preliminary date of 2018 for the complete stoppage of check clearing. There are some who are concerned though.

The elderly people tend to write more checks than any other age group. They are not always computer savvy and are set in their ways. Some businesses also want to continue their customer’s use of checks. Whatever happens, I am sure that sooner or later, the checks will be stopped.

Deciding on Marshall Amps

The Marshall Amps that I have been looking at lately online are now being offered at a much cheaper price then they were a couple of weeks ago. I have always been told that “good things come to those who wait” and maybe this would be considered one of those times. With the holidays just barely right around the corner, prices will be fluctuating and it will just all become a real challenge when life becomes so demanding with the arrival of the cold weather. Not something I am looking forward to at all.

We were robbed of our normal summer weather and I hear that this will be one heck of a winter season, one that folks won’t forget any time soon.

combo amp

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