Leaking Kitchen Sink

As I arrived home the other day, I was informed that the slow leak in the sink had turned into a major gusher. Even though I was very tired, I knew I had to take a look. After removing all the items from under the sink, (which is something that I was thinking my wife should have done) I took a look at the problem. The problem was that one of the nuts had come loose. Took a stroll out to the garage and found the couple of tools that I need. Fixed the problem in no time, called it a day.

good as new

Under The Kitchen Sink

P.S. I had my wife put the items back under the sink

Used Mesa Boogie Amps

The used mesa boogie amps that I have been looking at lately online are now being offered at a much cheaper price then they were just a couple of months ago. I have always been told that “good things come to those who wait” and maybe this would be considered one of those times.

With the Memorial Day and 4th of July holidays right around the corner, prices for just about everything will be fluctuating with all of the holidays sales and it will just all become a real challenge all when life becomes so demanding with the arrival of the hot and humid weather. Not something I am looking forward to at all.

Lord knows we were robbed of our normal summer weather last year. The big question now is what are we in store for this time around. Anyway I always have my music to help get me through the roughest weather any time of the year.

Having a new amp will be a blessing and a great way to start the Spring weather that we are enjoying right now.

used amps


Keep the world clean

Our world is very precious and I love many things about it. I love the outdoors and I feel that’s it our duty as a people to keep our world clean for future generations. It’s only right that we hand our kids a chance to enjoy nature as we found it. There are a few things that we can do to help this process along.

Keeping our world green is fast becoming a new way of life. One area that had concerned me was electronic recycling. Our business has many devices that are outdated or no longer work and need to be disposed of properly. It’s true that our former method of computer disposal was just dumping them in the trash. This is no longer the case. We have taken steps to ensure that we do our part to keep the world safe from the hazardous materials that can be found in electronic devices.

I think recycling computers is a good thing to do. There are companies out there who specialize in this field and they should be taken advantage of. We all have to do our part in making sure our waste does not become a problem for our children. I hope that these methods will become ingrained in our society.

recycle and help the world

Recycle Your Computers Please!

Sharing And Comparing Travel Plans

I have contacted one of the hotels in Williamsburg Brooklyn in New York, and left my email  and cell phone information that I am excited about possibly staying there next Spring.  This up and coming spring I am determined to take a trip. As soon as I get my tax refund check deposited into my checking account I am out of here for one whole week.

Every year when I get my tax refund I end up doing all types of little things that add up real quick and next thing I know it’s all gone and I really don’t have a whole heck of a lot to show for it. I haven’t had a week off that I actually went some where out of this state and I have decided that this year I will. I have never been to New York, haven’t even driven through it to get to another state on the east coast. There is so much that this wonderful Yankee state has to offer, besides the well known N.Y.C. that we see and hear so much about.

There is a girl at work that has been to Brooklyn a few times and is talking about possibly going along with me when she gets her money back from Uncle Sam. It’s been a few years but she claims to know enough to be just above dangerous. We have both been doing a lot of research online at work. Sharing and comparing what we find out, having a really good time with the whole ordeal.

I really hope this pans out. It would be fun going with another person. I’m not much on going places on my own. We seem to get along all right at work for the past couple of years. Her cubicle is just two cubicles down from mine so we do spend a lot of time together. But you never really know someone until you live with them. I think spending a week together out of state at at hotel room qualifies for living together. For now I’m just trying to stay excited and positive about the whole thing.

Long Haul

I have heard of people doing amazing things in order to keep a job they like, but this one takes the cake. Michael Hanley lives in Wisconsin, but he works in Kansas. His General Motors job was moved and he felt it was necessary to go the extra mile to keep the job he had. He now drives 530 miles every weekend in order to visit his home and children.

It’s another 530 miles back to work and the trip can be heart wrenching. Leaving his wife and kids behind has got to be hard for anyone. Keeping his health insurance was a major factor in his decision to keep the job he had. It’s a shame that one man has to go so far to keep his family fed.