Dream Home

There are only a couple things left to do before we can move into our new home. We started construction two years ago and the house is still not finished. We ran into problems when we started. Our environmental approval (because our lot is on a “wild” river) took a lot longer than we expected. Get attained our first approval and had to wait a whole three months before we got our final approval. We also went through two site/project managers. We caught the first one heavily drinking on the job. When we realized what was going on, the slow pace of the project finally made sense.

Our second project manager got hurt at another site and could not complete the project. We are so happy that our house is almost done. We had to live in a furnished apartment for the last six months because we had to be out of our old home. We stored all of our furniture. All that is left is laying the sod and finding home security providers. We can’t wait!

Bob Knows

One thing I love to do is to talk with all the people who work at my office. They are an incredible group of people and they have many talents. Some excel at different things than others, but they all have something they are good at. One guy I was talking to the other day was named Bob. He has a talent for knowing what it takes to make money over the internet. He has a couple of businesses on the side that bring him in the extra income he needs.

Bob was telling me what it takes to make a business go. He said the first thing you needed was a good product and the next thing you needed was an advertising agency. He says that getting the word out about your product was a key to making a new business grow. Getting customers is difficult unless you get your name known by the general public. He promised me that an advertising agency was the way he made his businesses a reliable source of income.

I like listening to Bob as he always seems to know what he is talking about. He has been there before and learned the hard way. He is very intelligent and if he says that an advertising agency is the way to go then I believe him. I have been planning to start my own online business and any advice I get is welcome. Since Bob has been there before, I take what he says as the truth. I am glad I talked with Bob and I will take his advice!!

Grandfather still working

My grandfather is 69 years old but still works every day. He is a lawyer so it’s not like he has a physically demanding job but it sure is a mentally demanding job, that’s for sure. He plans on working another couple years before he retires. I’m not sure why because it’s not like they really need the money. I just think it’s because he really enjoys what he does.

He prefers Made to Measure over off the rack suits because they fit so much better. There’s nothing like having to wear a suit and it not fitting right. Grandpa always goes online before he makes his appointment to pick out the material he wants. He has the most beautiful white hair you have ever seen and looks ‘dashing’ in a navy blue pinstriped suit. He has plenty of heavier suits and is looking for one that isn’t too heavy or too light either. I don’t know enough about suit material to know what each type is like he does.

I’m pretty sure he’ll get a double breasted suit with a vest because they look so good on him. The best part about where he gets his suits from is the way they measure their customers. They measure everything to make sure the suit you buy fits you like you want. They’ve been in business making suits for well over 45 years so you are getting a quality suit. Grandpa made his appointment right on their web site and will have his suit before you know it.

that's my grandpa

He Does Look Incredible

Shaping Up!

One of the New Years resolutions I made this year was to keep myself in better physical shape. I would not say that I am out of shape, but I know I could do better if I really tried. As always, I looked to the internet to find ways to achieve this goal. During my search for the program that would fit me best, I ran across something interesting. It was called the Power 90 and I thought it might be what I was looking for. It’s a program that allows you to build up your body in 90 days and you can do it in your home.

Another program I found was called the Insanity Workout. This one was very extreme and would require that I be in fairly good shape to start with. I’m not sure if I would be ready for that just yet, but it sounded like something I would keep in mind for the future. I kept on looking for the program that fit me best.

After all the research I had done, I think I have found the best solution. There was another program called the 10 Minute Trainer. After some initial time investment, I would be able to spend about ten minutes a day on my body. This sounded good to me as I always seem to be pressed for time. I’ll let you all know how my workouts are coming and maybe one day I’ll post a few pictures of my awesome muscles.

Age Groups

There Should Be No Limits

Every House

Every house that I know of has one room that is always used. That room would be the kitchen. It always seems to be one of the most central locations for people to cluster. That’s why I think it’s important to ensure that it is decorated nicely in order to make the house a home. Recently, we decided to install wine glass racks in our kitchen in order to make it look nicer.

One problem that we had in our kitchen was a lack of space. We found that we could squeeze out a little more room by taking advantage of a hanging wine glass rack. We got all the glasses off the shelf and out of the way. That gave us other opportunities to use the space we made available. Not only that, it has enhanced the look of our kitchen.

We were very happy with the results we had in the kitchen and so we thought we would try it in the basement. We have a den in the basement that has a small bar. We thought that adding bar glass racks would help our décor there as well.

I am glad to say that it did and now our bar looks great. We also ordered some pretty cool custom beer glasses by Glass with a Twist because a nice cold glass of beer tastes so much better in a decent glass that is designed for beer. We had a small party recently and everyone liked the way it looked. I guess we will be able to throw a few more parties now, knowing that we have what it takes!