New York Rats

The city of New York is in a constant battle with the rats that infest its subway system. The rodents seem to be everywhere and are causing problems with the subway riders. Some new studies are being done to see how the problem can be addressed. Of course, cost is always an issue.

Experts say that the main draw for rats is food. They seem to like the garbage collection points the best and are making their homes nearby. The rats can live inside cinder-blocks in the walls and are making themselves at home. New baits for traps will soon be tried and many are awaiting the results with baited breath.

New York NY

Rats Love New York


Bass Clarinet Reeds

It is always a plus to find a website that offers free shipping as well as an active phone number that you can use to contact them with any questions or concerns about their products and/or services. So when I was looking at these reeds that I am interested in purchasing, it was so nice to see that Woodwind & Brasswind not only have a huge selection but has both of these pluses. And I can even use my PayPal card!

tradional bass

Vandoren Traditional Bass Clarinet Reeds

Red Wine

New studies are always coming out. Once in a while there is a surprise. This happened to me when I heard that those who drink a moderate amount of alcohol every day outlive those who abstain on average. Red wine is the drink that experts prefer.

For those who drink 1 to 3 drinks a day, the benefits of wine are clear. It reduces stress and wine has many healthful benefits. A drink or two after work tends to calm people down and helps them ease into social situations. I think I’ll have a drink of my own!

I have always loved the song Red Red Wine by Bob Marley and then later redone by UB40. Hit the jackpot when I found this video of both artists performing this huge hit that is still very popular.

Amazing Icebergs

I’ve heard that icebergs float around in the ocean, but I never knew they could do a lot of harm. Of course there’s the Titanic that was sunk, but that seems not to be the norm. A new iceberg was formed just over a year ago when a giant berg crashed into Antarctica. A berg that is 60 miles across crashed into the Mertz Glacier and caused another berg to break off. The new berg is about 48 by 24 miles long.

Some experts are worried that this could have unintended consequences. The effect of the ice displacement could affect ocean currents that cause cool water to sink and enrich with oxygen. Other experts say this is a normal event and won’t affect the climate. I guess only time will tell what will happen.

bottom heavy

Amazing Icebergs

A Good Life

A good life is one that always keeps you interested. One thing that will keep you on your toes is travel. That’s one reason why I like my job so much. I get to go to many places and it is usually enjoyable. Recently, I was sent on a trip to Dallas, TX. I have been there before and have always had a great time. The thing about this trip was that I was able to do something just a little bit different.

A meeting that I was supposed to attend was canceled and I had some free time. A friend of mine and I decided to go out on the town and do some sightseeing. We happened upon one of the Dallas Pawn Shops that was on the strip and thought we’d take a look. I was amazed at all the items they had for sale and some of the items were really neat.

One item that caught my eye was a classic guitar. The price was fairly affordable and so I thought I would take the plunge and buy it. I am so glad I did because now I am learning to play and having a great time doing it. Was hoping to find a selection of emg pickups so I decided to look in some of the other local Houston Pawn Shops to see what they might offer. Not a single one to be found in any of the shops that day, so it looks like this is something that I will need to check out online since there are no music stores in our area at all. No books stores nor any music stores, crazy right?

EMG Rules

EMG-85 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup