The article written by Alonso Kramer

When I got divorced three months ago, I had no idea how much of our finances were handled by my ex husband. He paid the bills from the day we got married to the day we got divorced. I asked him to help me get things set up financially before our divorce was final, and thank goodness he did. He told me that he had just set us up for fixed-rate energy. You can click here to see what he set up. I even had to learn how to do online bill pay when we got separate bank accounts because I had never paid a bill online. I guess I was pretty dependent on my husband for handling our finances. I never really had to be solely financially responsible. When I had a roommate in college, she paid all of our bills for our apartment and told me how much I owed her each month. I would write her a lump check and be done with it. When I married my husband, he insisted on handling all of the finances and I was relieved not to have to handle them. I guess I will have to get used to handling all of the finances now that I am on my own.